Budgets made simple! No longer will you need to run the numbers to know how much money you have left in a given pay period. Budgetary is a sleek, simplified tool for logging savings, spending, and recurring expenses.


Budgets are built around preset income and savings values. A checklist of recurring expenses help you track which bills still need to be paid. Non-fixed payments allow you to shift the profit into your spending or savings totals for the period. Finally, you can add one-off expenses with real-time totaling of your remaining income.

Easy to look at. Simple to use.

Budgetary does not request network or bank account access to function and does not collect any personal information.

Take control of your money. Download now.

Feature Roadmap

Known Issues

None reported so far.

If you run into any problems feel free to let me know.

Patch Notes


  • Added multi-payment expenses
  • Added ability to adjust income mid-period
  • Added tool tips to various inputs
  • Added ability to use negative values for non-recurring expense costs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when editing some non-recurring expenses
  • Fixed issue which allowed users to not select a budget period when creating a budget


  • Added ability to manage multiple budgets
  • Added viewing of budgets from previous periods
  • Added ability to duplicate a budget
  • Added ability to delete budgets
  • Added paid date for expenses (note: payments created prior to this update will all be assigned the date of the update)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where editing payments could cause savings to become incorrect
  • Fixed issue where some pages allowed user's to "click through" to the previous page
  • Various other minor improvements for performance
Contact budgetary@greg-bishop.com regarding issues, requests, and other inquiries.